Art on the Avenue 2015 – Collaboration 
kəˈlabəˌrāt/ –  verb
work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something
Throughout the human record, history has shown that teams of individuals, however diverse as singularities, can and do accomplish larger goals more effectively as well as efficiently when they work together. The community surrounding 6th Avenue and its businesses is both rich in diversity and culture and the time has come to celebrate and explore those attributes in a positive and creative environment.


The goal of the this years event will be to join both business and community through visual and audio performances reinforced by collaborative ventures by business owners and community leaders. The newly founded projects will create opportunities for all parties involved, whether spectator or participant.  Like an individual facet on a jewel, each of us can present a fantastic portrayal of our own history and talents yet we shine brightest only when we realize we are all part of the same diamond.
We can be more. We can make more. Know your neighbor. Let them get to know you.  Now…  lets do something great